Welcome, to a unique, biblical plan for training Christians.

We call it The 222 Plan.

It is a discipling pilgrimage. Two believers agree to make a spiritual journey designed to build certain spiritualities into their lives. The threefold goals are: (1) a greater degree of spiritual maturity (2) a firm understanding of Bible basics, and (3) a disciplined devotional life of prayer and Bible study.

The textbook is the Bible, and the workbook is The 222 Plan Manual.  The plan or strategy (taken from II Timothy 2:2) is designed for one-on-one disciple-making as used by Paul and taught by Jesus. It begins with two believers making a spiritual journey and ends when each disciple chooses another and repeats the cycle.

Some believers have desired to make the journey alone. It is possible to do so, but, it is better to accompany someone. Why? Because, you need to be held accountable for doing the assignments. You also need encouragement to persevere when feeling ineffective in the process.  Understanding the reasons given, it is possible make a fruitful journey alone.

Therefore, if you are working through the manual on your own, you will need to find a spiritual counselor. (The counselor can address various Christian life issues as they come up.) Set a date to begin and resolve not to cover more than one session a week. Hold yourself responsible to complete the assignments (including the memory work) before proceeding.

There may also be the possibility that you and another Christian discover The 222 Plan Manual and desire to make the spiritual journey together. Here, you may take turns leading the weekly accountability sessions. Make sure each of you consult the mentor’s guide after completing your individual session exercises. On occasions, the guide may not satisfy your questions. In such cases, we suggest you consult your pastor or spiritually mature Bible teacher for clarification.

If you are following a mentor, remember your mentor is not one who has arrived! He or she is a fellow follower after Christ. No one ever graduates from the school of discipleship. It is a lifelong process. You will often feel discouraged by your inability to master your life. Don’t give up! Remember that every failure is an invitation to succeed. Victory comes through surrender to Christ. As you obey Him, He will live His life through you.

The 222 Plan will require a weekly commitment of at least three, and one-half hours spread out over seven days. The heart of the process is a weekly mentor led work session lasting about an hour. For daily devotions and Bible study, allow an additional thirty minutes per day for five days each week.  

I cannot emphasize enough - the mentor is responsible for checking your progress every week. Prepare to be held accountable for each assignment. Accountability is the one essential ingredient in the weekly sessions. Your ultimate goal is to be available to God that He may transform you into the likeness of His Son. According to His plan, and by His grace, you will become proficient enough to build these spiritual disciplines into the life of another. Remember, the Holy Spirit is the teacher, the Bible is the text book, and the manual is the guide.

Paul's instruction, in II Timothy 2:2, presents a strategy designed to’ develop believers into reproducers. He exhorts Timothy with these words: And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men who shall be able to teach others also.

Have a blessed journey in reproducing the basics of Christian living into the life of another disciple.       

If you are ready to get started, you may order your workbook at this link:

The 222 Plan Manual